Animal [Tremaine The Playboy Ep. 5]
episode description: Welcome back Ladies!!!! A poker game ensues, things get really wild in the mansion as Trey deals with love lost.
    Animal [Tremaine The Playboy Ep. 5]
    Welcome back Ladies!!!! A poker game ensues, things get really wild in the mansion as Trey deals with love lost.
    She Lovin It [Tremaine The Playboy Ep. 4]
    After a long night of confusion, drinks and distorted memories, Trey has ditched the girls and ended up back in bed with his ex. Things get interesting the next day as more confusion lies ahead.
    Song Goes Off [Tremaine The Playboy Ep. 3]
    Trey Songz hasn’t found love yet on the dating series, “Tremaine The Playboy,” but he might be inching closer. In the third episode entitled “Song Goes Off,” just six girls of the original twenty remain.
    In an interview with hosts Draya Michele and Steelo Brim, we find out that Natalie Houston has actually fallen for Holly Joso, giving up her rose. Meanwhile, a scorned and rose-less Brittany Chicago has dognapped Kane.
    Trey takes the ladies out on the town for a night at the club, and tensions continue to flare with intentionally spilled drinks, pushing between Amy Jackson and GUXCI, and other assorted ratchet-ness.
    Trey seems like he’s another place altogether though. Watch where goes…
    Playboy [Tremaine The Playboy Ep. 2]
    Trey Songz is still looking for love as he and the girls settle into the mansion. HollyJoso prepares a feast for all, things get wild at the dinner table. Bubbles, Champagne and much more in the Master Suite. Tremaine deals with love hangover.
    Exclusive interview with Draya Michelle and Kayla!!!
    You’ll have to watch to find out what ensues…
    Nobody Else But You [Tremaine The Playboy Ep. 1]
    Trey Songz decides to look for true love with the launch of the dating series, “Tremaine The Playboy.” In the first episode entitled “Nobody Else But You,” he meets 20 ladies competing for his affection over the course of thirty days.
    Are they just thirsty for fame, or are they for real? Will Trey find the one? Mumma Songz and Kane Songz weigh in.
    Of course, after the “Opening Rose Ceremony,” things get a little turnt—in the best way possible…
    Watch now!
    Tremaine The Playboy | Exclusive Web Series Trailer | VH1
    VH1 is introducing you to the newest bachelor, Tremaine The Playboy. Hosted by Draya Michele and Steelo Brim, “Tremaine the Playboy” features Trey Songz as Tremaine, the latest eligible bachelor on a conquest to find his perfect match. The international entertainer and well-known heartthrob has given fans timeless music ranging from love to heartache, party anthems to bedroom classics, and now he is looking to settle down. Following the first-look on VH1 digital platforms, head to for more information and watch #14DaysOfLove on VH1.
    Tremaine The Playboy | Exclusive Season Premiere 'Sneak Peek' | VH1
    VH1 brought you a first look at Tremaine The Playboy during #14DaysOfLove. Now, here's a sneak peek at the season premiere starring the newest bachelor, Trey Songz. Head to for more interviews with Tremaine, and check out for more information: